How To Delete Your Kik Windows Account

Messenger is just one of the very best chat messenger programs for customers globally. As it can not need your telephone number to create an account, nevertheless, it’s somewhat different from other messenger apps like WeChat or WhatsApp. You perform a Kik log-in using your email address and password within within a few minutes and can easily create an account. This specific feature h AS created Kik program one of the best programs in the world. Nevertheless, there are some people who may want to erase Kik accounts and how won’t be known by them. So, in this informative article, we’re planning to view the measures that are official which you can use to delete your Kik account.

You must realize that there is no approach to delete your Kik accounts forever, before we carry on using the measures to delete your Kik accounts. You may just deactivate Kik accounts temporarily, by following the steps in this specific article the account will probably be reactivated and as soon as you choose to move on the web and also log in. Though Kik Messenger app enables you to de activate your account formally, there’s no solid approach to remove your account permanently.

Steps to Remove Your Kik Messenger Account (Deactivate)

You have to find out about several issues ahead when you decide to deactivate or delete your account with Messenger. You have to learn your e-mail if you don’t know then upgrade your e-mail to the current one from the Settings menu in the app and you used to generate your Kik account.

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After you delete your Kik accounts, the following things will discontinue:

You’ll cease getting email addresses together with any Kik messages from Kik.

No one will be able to look you up using your Kik login.

You are going to be taken out from the contacts listing of any individuals who you have talked with on Kik app.

Today, in the event that you genuinely wish to remove your Kik account, then you will find TWO ways to get it done. You can either do it from within the app installed in your telephone number or tablet computer or you also are able to do it from your PC.

Delete Kik Accounts From Telephone

To remove your Kik account you will need the program installed. So, if the program has been removed by you without deactivating your accounts, then you’ll need to set up the program once again and login to your Kik account

Follow the below steps to deactivate your account:

Open Kik app and tap on Options.

Choose Your Account and tap Reset.

Input the e-mail address associated to your Kik accounts.

You are going to receive a message containing a link to deactivate your accounts.

That is how you can make use of the program installed on your own telephone or tablet PC to delete your Kik accounts easily. Now, let’s see how you can remove your accounts from a pc.

Remove Your Account

Practice the steps under to remove Kik accounts using your Computer:

Go to this site –

Click on the hyperlink to deactivate your Kik accounts.

So, those were 2 techniques that are simple you could follow to deactivate your Kik Messenger account. But this process does not remove Kik accounts permanently, so youare going to have to refrain your self from logging in again using the same e-mail address.

In case you wish to create a fresh Kik accounts, then you should have to make use of a fresh email address and pick a login that is new and you can start clean with the program.

Today input your email associated with your accounts and after that hit on the GO button.

You will now receive an e-mail containing the deactivation hyperlink.